Hall users are feeling the heat!

On the 27th of August the Bio Mass boiler was handed over to Rodney McKinnon, Vice Chair of the Rothienorman Hall Committee.

This marks a big step in the renovation project that the current committee are embarking on to bring the facilities in to the 21st Century and provide a more sustainable future for the hall and its users.  The boiler is currently providing heat in to the side hall, toilets and front vestibule and will ultimately provide heat for the underfloor heating that is due to be installed in to the main hall when the floor is renovated.  The aim for the floor renovation is summer 2016 all going well.

Already hall users are feeling the difference both in heat and financial terms.  No longer do users of the side hall require to pay for expensive electric cards to power electric heaters and have only seen a small increase in rent to cover the wood chip costs.