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*** May 2018 ***

*** Update October 2017 ***

With the fabulous news that we were awarded £10K from the Lottery Awards for All fund and £2K top up from Formartine Area Committee we have pressed on with the feasibility study part of our project.

Underway now is a public consultation survey in both electronic and paper format that seeks to gain the views of the village and surrounding areas in respect to the hall facilities etc.  Please take the time to fill in a survey as this is a vital part of the feasibility study that will help shape the way forward.  Visit this link for further info and the link for the survey.

*** Update February 2017 ***

We are currently in discussions with various companies regarding providing us with a quotation for a feasibility study which funders require to assess the viability and need for the proposed project.  Due to funding stipulations we can not commence work on appointing a company to undertake this work for a minimum of 12 weeks from the date of submission which we hope to have done by the end of the month.

*** Update December 2016 ***

At the last meeting a vote was passed to implement the short-term upgrade proposals.  These proposals where to extend the heating from the new biomass boiler in to the main hall area to allow all users to benefit from a warm cozy environment like the side hall users have for the past 1 1/2 years.  This provision of heating will also drive out the dampness that the hall has been suffering from to hopefully make the floor last out while investigations in to the overall renovation project take place.  Further to the heating upgrade the pay-as-you-use electric card meter system has been decommissioned to allow a more simplified pricing structure and user experience, the electric metering system was mainly introduced due to the running costs of the electric heaters.

*** Update November 2016 ***

The new committee is currently investigating various options for the improvement of the hall for the benefit of all current and future users.

All options will include replacement of the hall floor, however many options under consideration are likely to have an impact on the timing of this in the context of a potentially larger project.