January blues bowled away at Rothienorman

Rothienorman bowling club once again enjoyed a positive turnout at their annual indoor bowling tournament at Rothienorman Hall.

Almost 60 teams from all over Aberdeenshire took part with Insch triumphing over the hosts in the final. Huntly and Lonmay reached the semi-finals but were unable to progress any further.

Rothienorman’s committee were particularly pleased that the competition, the premier competition that the club hosts, was able to secure a number of new sponsors for the 2017 edition of the long-running tournament.

The list of players for the last four participant teams are as follows:

Insch (champions) – Tom Stephen, Allan Howard and Dennis Heliwell.

Rothienorman (runners-up) – Raymond Buchan, Ian Raffan and George Raffan.

Huntly (semi-finalists) – Jim Penny, Roy Walker and Jim Gordon.

Lonmay (semi-finalists) – Henry Cheyne, Mabel Bruce and Bill Gray.